Big-Case Patients Can Be the Hardest to Get to Accept Treatment

Dental implant patients are difficult to get to accept treatment because they worry that it’s going to be expensive to solve their problems, or that it’s going to be an arduous time commitment, or that it’s simply going to be a painful experience.

If you want to blow past these three OVERWHELMING patient objections and get patients to accept your treatment proposals, you need a plan to deal with these objections proactively.

The Shock & Awe System does just that through a dazzling display of convincing and professional written material that overwhelms the patient’s will to object. We’ll prepare 100 Shock & Awe packets for your practice and provide the digital files so you can make additional copies.

Each Shock & Awe System includes a sixteen page custom written and designed report on dental implants to establish YOU as the expert in the minds of your patients. PLUS, you’ll receive:

  • An introduction letter to provide information about your practice.
  • An application to screen and prequalify the patient prior to their initial visit.
  • A doctor biography sheet to allow prospects to feel comfortable with you.
  • A map including logistical information to ensure they can find your office.
  • A voucher or coupon providing information about your office’s implant special.
  • A template for a handwritten letter from you to provide a personal feel.

The Shock & Awe System will dramatically shorten your case acceptance time and sales cycle so you can be less of a salesperson and spend more time practicing dentistry.

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